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Sites located within the smoky mountains have been among my favorites to visit. It’s there, while the leaves were changing, where we began our journey to develop an application that enables scaling the Advanced Work Packaging Processes. While working with our partner to develop a corporate AWP program, we were able to incorporate the gaps we found while developing and implementing AWP into the design of our own tool. Considering we were focused on a corporate program and the corporate portfolio consisted mostly of smaller projects, we really wanted to create efficient AWP Processes for smaller contractors that could start small and scale up accordingly. 

One of the main issues in the industry is that many applications focus on facilitating AWP processes on very large projects due to the inherent correlation between project size and budget. This naturally causes the creation of very robust applications but makes it much more difficult for smaller contractors to implement easily. Not only did we want to ensure WorkPacks could span the gamut between light and heavy weight package generation, but also ensure the local mom and pop contractors didn’t feel marginalized by the new roles, processes, and technology necessary to effectively implement AWP.

“The last thing we wanted was to use a sledgehammer to hit a nail.” – Aaron Wertman

With smaller projects in mind, we designed a tool anyone can jump into and incorporated a QuickStart program to ensure clear process enhancements with mitigated process changes. It was also evident that while communication and training were very beneficial, the most important aspect needed for adopting any application is to antiquate software installation, develop an intuitive user interface, provide a simple start up, and ensure functionality provides novel solutions to common issues that were, until now unsolved. I am happy to say years after our journey started in the smoky mountains, WorkPacks speaks for itself. Easy to Start, Scales up Smart and Advances your Work Packages! Be sure to check out the WorkPacks QuickStart with a free trial!

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