Mission and Values

Who we are - Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a scalable digital solution to help optimize capital projects execution, by insuring efficiency, productivity, safety and waste reduction through successful Advanced Work Packaging automation.

Our Beliefs

We partner with our clients to achieve deep transformation of existing systems and deploy world class technology that will jump start the full efficiency gains promised by the correct implementation of Advanced Work Packaging methodologies.

Key Benefits

Implementing WorkPacks will make capital projects safer, more productive, and highly reliable by empowering teams to better collaborate through digital work packaging across all project phases from start to finish. WorkPacks delivers a platform that allows users to benefit from Work Breakdown Structuring, and Lean/Agile Planning methodologies regardless of the breadth of data and tools available to support the delivery of the project.

How It Works

Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) is a collaborative project framework that divides project scope into manageable portions of work for planning and execution enabling better project outcomes including improved productivity and increased predictability. AWP incorporates agile and lean construction methodologies to optimize capital project delivery across the project life cycle. Additionally, implementing a proper Workface Planning Program provides an effective process for organizing and delivering all elements necessary before work is started, to enable craft persons to perform quality work in a safe, effective and efficient manner. Our objective is simple: to provide the people, processes and technology that will enable a world class AWP capability to our clients and partners.

Who we are - Our Values​

We are pioneers, constantly in motion to advance our industry..

We think and act in progressive ways, to improve efficiency, collaboration and information visibility on major capital projects.This is not only our promise, but the core of our DNA.

We are the sum of our people and each of our stakeholders.

We are each ground-breakers; pushing forward our persistence, proactivity and vision.

We are agile, nothing is set in stone. Our constant advancement is the backbone of our efficiency, intelligence and innovation.

We are WorkPacks.



We work together with an enthusiastic appetite for efficiency.



We bring an innovative-mindset to all we do. There’s always an answer, it’s about how you approach the problem.



We commit to our responsibilities everyday, knowing clearly our role and purpose



Our pioneering vision gives us the inherent agility to collaborate and combine in ways that expedite success.

Our Partners

Discover other top industry leaders we partner with to bring the best resources to AWP projects

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The people who run any AWP program are critical to its success. A well-educated team can save hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of man-years of labor. AWP-U is the premiere provider of education, training and certification for AWP across all disciplines.
The subject matter experts at Construct-X have hundreds of year’s experience planning and executing some of the most complex construction projects in the history of humanity. They know how to combine people, process, technology and culture to deliver unprecedented on-time and on-budget project deliveries.

Our Partners

WorkPacks proudly partners with innovative leaders in the advanced work packaging and lean industry to revolutionize capital project delivery

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