Information Security Commitment

Information Security is one of Work Pack’s highest priorities, and therefore we are committed to the following:


  • Ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of customers’, employees’ and corporate data that it processes, transfers and stores both physically and electronically.
  • Adopt a risk-focused approach and establish a risk-aware culture in identification of threats, classification of information assets and remediation of vulnerability to security and availability.
  • Employ available tools and resources to enable and encourage a culture of Information Risk Awareness throughout the whole organization and providing necessary training.
  • Embrace compliance to regulatory frameworks as a standard and reinforce corporate information security by adopting internationally respected professional norms and standards in Information Security, through the implementation, sustainment and continuous improvement of an Information Security program.
  • Stand for corporate Information Security Standards when establishing and maintaining business relationships and partnerships with external parties.


Information Security is everyone’s responsibility at Work Packs and all employees are bound by Information Security policies and procedures. Work Packs is committed to ensuring all workforce members actively address security and compliance in their roles with the Company. We encourage self-management. We reward the right behaviors.