WorkPacks & AVEVA: New Strategic Partnership

WorkPacks and AVEVA partnership

Capitalizing on Collaborative Innovations to Advance Project Execution, Enhancing Efficiency, Sustainability, and Cost-Effectiveness in Construction

October 9, 2023 – Work Packs Inc., a frontrunner in construction management software, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with AVEVA, renowned for driving digital transformation and sustainability through its industrial software. This alliance melds the cutting-edge solutions provided by Work Packs Inc. with AVEVA’s deep-seated expertise in digital transformation, collectively supporting capital projects with unparalleled efficiency.

Together, Work Packs Inc. and AVEVA stand fortified to address the unique challenges that Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) companies and owner-operators encounter. This collaboration promises to roll out solutions that are not only cohesive and data-centric but also pivotal in unlocking a spectrum of benefits including enhanced productivity, efficiency, safety, and cost reduction.

Integral to this partnership, WorkPacks seamlessly integrates with AVEVA Everything3D (E3D), AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management (ERM), and AVEVA Asset Information Management (AIM) solutions. This integration is vital for our customers, facilitating data-driven decision-making and insights crucial for successful project collaboration and execution.

Greg Pada, Vice President, Head of Engineering Business at AVEVA, expressed his enthusiasm: “Our partnership with Work Packs Inc. is a significant stride towards improving project outcomes in the construction sector. AVEVA is dedicated to de-risking capital projects and enhancing their cost and schedule predictability while driving value. This alliance empowers customers to utilize project data more efficiently, automating work package creation and management, minimizing idle time and resource usage, ultimately boosting productivity and sustainability of capital projects.”

Robert Blackmon, CEO at Work Packs Inc., shared: “Collaborating with AVEVA, a global authority in digital transformation and project execution solutions, is exhilarating. This pivotal partnership amplifies the capabilities of our leading work packaging solution, integrating seamlessly with AVEVA’s approach to project planning and construction. This synergy promises time and cost savings for customers, facilitating the delivery of outstanding projects.”

About Work Packs Inc.

WorkPacks Inc. provides a scalable Virtual Construction Modeling Platform, guiding users through the Path of Construction planning across all project stages. Our platform empowers Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) implementation, aiding in the sequencing, production, and completion of work packages within a visually stunning reporting environment. As a unique decision support tool, WorkPacks continuously updates the Path of Construction, providing vital visualization and analysis. Part of the Jovian Ventures Network Company, Work Packs Inc. stands as an unparalleled solution in the market.


AVEVA, a global industrial software leader, innovatively utilizes the world’s resources with ingenuity and responsibility. Its secure industrial cloud platform and applications empower businesses to optimize the use of their information, improving collaborations with customers, suppliers, and partners.

With over 20,000 enterprises relying on AVEVA in more than 100 countries, the company plays a vital role in delivering life’s essentials, including energy, food, medicines, and infrastructure. By connecting people with trusted information and AI-enriched insights, AVEVA efficiently engineers and optimizes operations, promoting growth and sustainability.


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