Wind turbines

Author: Robert Cooper


I started my first company more than 30 years ago and have created over a dozen more along the way. Some were big winners, some little winners and some were, well, “learning experiences” that I suppose ended up being nutritious in the long run. To me, the greatest joy of being an entrepreneur is the privilege of working with teams of people that are truly special: combining real expertise and talent with hard work and above all passion to give birth to something truly new in the world. We aren’t being told what to do, we’re examining problems and setting our own course toward a solution. It’s the hardest work, but always thrilling.

A few years ago, I retired from the 24-7 startup grind—and it is a grind sometimes—in order to more fully enjoy and participate in my children’s school years. But, the itch to create never dies. And then Jovian and WorkPacks came along. At this point in my career, my motivations are to teach what I’ve learned to new entrepreneurs and create something genuinely good for the world. Friends and colleagues were surprised by my choice, particularly when they learned that our company’s target market was heavy industry and construction, particularly in oil, gas, and extractive industries. How could that possibly be making the world better?

Well, if you want to make a cleaner world, I think it’s best to start with what’s dirty. And construction is one of the most carbon-intensive industries on the planet. Driving efficiency into the process and eliminating waste does save our clients huge amounts of money, but it also saves the planet vast amounts of waste and emissions. These are positive changes for everyone on earth that we are enabling NOW. Providing tools that help this industry drive much more quickly toward a sustainable future may end up having he greatest impact and being the greatest contribution to society and the planet that I get to make. Immensely proud of this team and the work we’re all doing.

Keep your eyes on this blog, we’ll be talking a lot more about specific sustainability efforts and how you can make a difference yourself.



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