Different pillars of construction illustration

WorkPacks Advance

The base WorkPacks X-D™ platform to get you jump-started with your AWP projects in days. It is the most advanced environment for AWP in the industry.

WorkPacks Plan

Make AWP affordable and easy to deploy through specialized automation techniques that streamline Path of Construction development from plot plan mark-ups to auto-generated CWPs, EWPs, PWPs, schedules and IWP Release Plans.

WorkPacks Prime

Improve schedule reliability and EP alignment with construction by applying Lean and Agile principles into the engineering design and procurement phase of a project for “Digital EWP Production Control”

WorkPacks Builder

Take full advantage of AWP Best Practices through next-generation IWP templates and automation techniques. Create, assemble, track, release, execute, progress, close-out, and report accurately across all project disciplines.